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Increase your Canadian Real Estate Referral Network

CREA Global Affiliates is an annual subscription service, connecting you with a growing database of Canadian REALTORS® who are active in the global real estate market and ready to exchange referral opportunities.

Only 95$ USD per year

How does it work?

  • CREA Global Affiliates is operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association.
  • We provide a trusted database of REALTORS® that are ready to network and exchange referral opportunities
  • CREA Global Affiliates saves you time by giving you direct access to trusted REALTORS® in Canada that are active in the international real estate market.


  • CREA Global Directory

  • Get listed and access a Canada wide directory helping you instantly connect to REALTORS® in Canada who are ready to network and exchange referral opportunities.

  • Global Affiliates Facebook Page

  • Increase your visibility; your CREA Global Affiliates includes access to our Global Facebook group.

  • Transnational Referral Agreements

  • Having the right form ensures you will receive a referral commission when working with international real estate professionals. Global Affiliates get access to our Referral Agreements giving you peace of mind knowing you’re using the right resources when you’re referring your clients

  • Exclusive networking events

  • Receive invites to exclusive international networking events that help you connect with the right people. Our largest is the Canadian Networking Reception at NAR’s Annual Conference & Expo.

  • Real Estate Business in Canada Guide

  • Ketchup Chips, smarties and an affinity for hockey aren’t the only differences between Canada and the US. Our real estate business guide will ensure you have the essential knowledge to work with REALTORS® in Canada, and properly serve your clients that are interested in buying property in the great white north!

  • Insights and Reporting Trends

  • Where are international clients looking to buy in Canada? What are the most popular property types? Get the latest insights, trends and research articles to help you stay informed on global opportunities.

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Attend monthly webinars on topics including How to build your referral business, Cross-Border Tax & Estate implications for Americans in Canada, Cryptocurrency and Real Estate and much more.

  • CREA Global Affiliation Badge

  • Showcase your affiliation with the Canadian Real Estate Association with a CREA Global Affiliate Badge and other social media images